Sorbitan Tristearate (STS)
Sorbitan tristearate is a light cream to tan-coloured, hard, waxy solid with a slight characteristic odor and bland taste. The product is insoluble in cold water and dispersible in edible oils. HLB is 2.1.
Sorbitan tristearate is a lipophilic surface-active agent. It is often used as an emulsifier in combination with polysorbates. It is also used to modify crystallisation of fats.
Typical applications: Fine bakery wares, Toppings and coatings for fine bakery wares, Fat emulsions, Milk and cream analogues, Beverage whiteners, Liquid tea concentrates and liquid fruit and herbal infusion, concentrates, Edible ices, Desserts, Sugar confectionery, Cocoa-based confectionery, including chocolate, Emulsified sauces, Dietary food supplements, Yeast for baking, Chewing gum, Dietetic foods intended for special medical purposes, Dietetic formulae for weight control, Carriers and solvents for colours and anti-foaming agents
Acid Value (mgkoH/g)  <15
Saponification Value (mgkoH/g) 176-188
Hydroxyl Value (mgkoH/g)  66-80
Heavy Metal (Calculated by Pb) (%) ≤0.0010
Arsenic(Calculated by As) (%) ≤0.0003

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