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Instrumental Analysis Lab: Equipped with advanced chromatography and spectroscopic device that has the ability to perform the following activities and services:
Perform articles ,research projects ,theses of medicinal chemistry and Phytochemistry and Agriculture
launch labs
develop methods
Specialized workshops and training courses for technical officials and students
quantitative and qualitative analysis essential oils with Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry
quantitative and qualitative analysis extracts with high performance liquid chromatography
Developed for determining the chemical structure

Instruments list:

Model               Company                     Country                        Abbreviation          Instrument name                        No
MS(5973)            Agilent Technologies    USA - United States of America            GC-MS            Gas Chromatography Mass spectrometry               1
GC(6890)            Agilent Technologies    USA - United States of America            GC            Gas Chromatography                            2
WellChrom            Knauer                    Germany - Federal Republic of Germany    HPLC            High Performance Liquid Chromatography           3
UV vis4890            Agilent Technologies    USA - United States of America            UV-VIS       Ultraviolet-visible spectrum                     4
NANOPHOX             Sympatec            Germany - Federal Republic of Germany    DLS            Dynamic Light Scattering                         5
Tensor 27           Bruker                    Germany - Federal Republic of Germany    FTIR            Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy             6
AEG                    Germany                 Federal Republic of Germany         ---            Macro wave extraction                            7
341                     Perkin Elmer        USA - United States of America       ---            Polari meter                                     8

Adonis Gol Darou group managers:
Ms.Kadkhoda Zohreh MSc Organic Chemistry (General Manager)
Mr.Taghizad Farid Rahim Organic Chemistry MSc (sales manager & Director of Research and Development)
Mr. Ghsemi Vahid Bs Chemistry (Technical manager)
Mr. Arsalani Mahmoud MSc Analytical Chemistry (Instrumental Analysis Laboratory Manager)
Mr Avilaghi Mohammad MSc Analytical Chemistry (Clasic lab manager)
Mr. Abdi Hamid MSc analytical Chemistry (I.P.C lab manager)
Mr. Solimani Mehdi MSc Organic Chemistry (formulation manager

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