Angelica oil

Product Detail
Type: Angelica dahurica oil
Form: Oil
Extraction Type: Steam Distillation
Plant Name: Pure Angelica
Latin Name:Angelica sinensis
Active ingredient: Ligustilide,Ferulic acid
Molecular Formula: C12H14O2
Molecular Weight::     190.24
Specification: ligustilide 1%,2%(HPLC)
  Shelf Life: Two years

1).  Angelica dahurica oil enrich the blood and invigorate the circulation of blood.
2). Angelica dahurica extract fight against oxidation and scavenge free radicals.
 3). Angelica dahurica extract supplement Vitamin E.
4). Angelica dahurica extract  reduce the excitability of myocardium and to treat the auricular fibrilation.
5). To lower blood pressure and blood fat and to protect the pathological changes of main artery as well as to treat
  .Suggested Angelica dahurica oil application:
 1).  Angelica dahurica oil is believed to have a balancing or adaptogenic effect on the female hormonal system.
 2).  Angelica Root Extract is also used for both men and women with cardiovascular disease, including high
 blood pressure and problems with pe-ripheral circulation.
 3).  Angelica Root Extract is good for treating anemia and weak glands, regulating monthly periods, correcting hot
 flashes and vaginal spasms (PMS), and assisting women through the difficult transition of menopa use.

Packaging: Bottle,Can,Drum,Glass Container,Plastic Container,Vacuum Packed

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