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Bitumen emulsifier
Active material content:≥60%
Appearance:Milky or yellowish pate
Solubility: Completetly dissolves in 1:100 acid water
The emulsifier is added no acid in the process of production.It's mainly emulsifying SBS acidic  tack coat oil,primary oil and seal coat .
Bitumen Emulsions may be either of Anionic (Electro negatively charged bitumen globules) or Cationic (Electro positively charged bitumen globules) depending upon the emulsifying agent and additives. Bitumen Emulsions are further divided in to three classes, depending on the stability of the emulsion when in contact with aggregate or pavement surface, i.e. rapid, medium and slow setting emulsions.  
When asphalt is milled intomicroscopic particles and dispersed in water with a chemical emulsifier it becomes a asphalt emulsion
When asphalt is milled into microscopic particles and dispersed in water with a chemical emulsifier, it becomes an asphalt emulsion. The tiny droplets of asphalt remain uniformly suspended until the emulsion is used for its intended purpose. In the emulsion state, the emulsifier molecules orient themselves in and around droplets of asphalt. The chemistry of the emulsifier/asphalt/water system determines the dispersion and the stability of the suspension. When emulsions are used in the field, the water evaporates into the atmosphere, and the chemical emulsifier is retained with the asphalt.
came into general use in pavement applications. Their early use was in spray applications and as dust palliatives. The growth in the use of asphalt emulsions was relatively slow, limited by the type of emulsions available and a lack of knowledge as to how they should be used. Continuing development of new types and grades, coupled with improved construction equipment and practices, now gives a broad range of choices. Virtually any roadway requirement can be met with emulsions. Judicious selection and use can yield significant economic and environmental benefits.Emulsions are less hazardous to use and can be applied in a wider range of conditions.

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