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Manganese sulfate
Manganese(II) sulfate usually refers to the inorganic compound with the formula MnSO4(H2O). This pale pink deliquescent solid is a commercially significant manganese salt. Approximately (II) 260 thousand tonnes of manganese(II) sulfate were produced worldwide in 2005. It is the precursor to manganese metal and
many other chemical compounds. Mn-deficient soil is remediated with this salt.
Manganese Sulphate is Used as a porcelain glaze, as a fertilizer additive and as a catalyst. It is added to soils to promote plant growth, especially of citrus crops. It is a good reducing agent for manufacturing paints, varnish driers. It is used in textile dyes, fungicides, medicines and ceramics. In foods, it is used as a nutrient and dietary supplement. It is also used in ore flotation, as a catalyst in viscose pro- cess and in synthetic manganese dioxide. In veterinary medicine, it is used as a nutritional factor and in the prevention of perosis in poultry
Mn: 31.8% Min
MOL WT.: 169.01
Melting point:700 C
Boling point :850 C
Specific Gravity :2.95
Moisture :0.25% max
Stability : Stable under ordinary conditions
Appearance : Pinky powder or granular
Solubility In Water : 5-10 g/100 ml(21c)



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