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Cationic cellulose is the water soluble & conditioning, adsorptive & repairing cationic polymer, which leaves less irritation on skin. It is compatible to different surfactants. Its unique cationic conditioning efficacy repairs the damaged protein matrix and improves the appearance of damaged hair to leave it more shiny and softer. It is also suitable for skin care, for it makes skin moisturizing,lustrous; and restores skin protection system.
Cationic cellulose has the particular conditioning ability ,It can repair the damage hair,make the hair fell smooth and look health.It can improve the hair from marcel.
The cationic cellulose has the excellent increasing thickeness added in the products.It has been used widely in cosmetic products. The suggested concentration is 0.1-0.5%
When used in hair care products,
Affinitive to hair, repair split-end and tangle of hair.
Form a transparent, continuous and non-tacky film.
Improve dry and wet combablitiy of hair and soft feeling and manageability.
Reduce irritation to eye caused by surfactants.
Compatibility with all kinds of surfactant, widely used.
When used in cleanser and skin care products,
With favorable adhesion and moisturization.
Impart skin a lubricous, moist and gracious feeling.
Reduce irritation to skin caused by surfactants and other ingredients, recover skin’s self-protection.
Appearance    Light yellow powder
Viscidity(25  °C 2%mpa.s):    300-500
PH  value(25 °C  2%)    5.5-6.5
Nityogen content    1.7-2.2
Ash(Nacl%):    6.0 max
DryLoss(105 °C  2h%)    6.0 max

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