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Pricklyash Peel Extract
Product name: Pricklyash Peel Extract
Latin name: Zanthoxylum schinifolium Sieb. et Zucc.
Used Part: Dried seeds peel
Active Ingredients & Specifications: Paprika powder10:1 or 10%-99%
Test Method: UV/HPLC/TLC.
Main Functions:
Relieve pains; expel parasite; relieve itching; used for abdominal cold and pain, vomitting, diarrhoea, ascariasis, eczema.
The herb is pungent in flavour, hot in nature, and acts on the spleen, stomach and kidney channels. Being pungent, hot and dry for warming the middle-jiao, dispersing cold, alleviating pain, arresting diarrhea and expelling roundworm, the herb is indicated for cold of insufficiency type in the middle-jiao, stomachache, roundworm and other syndromes.
Warming the middle-jiao, alleviating pain and expelling roundworm.
1. To treat cold of insufficiency type in the middle-jiao, cold and pain in the stomach and abdomen,
vomiting, diarrhea and other syndromes, the herb is often used in combination with dangshen, dried
ginger and other herbs for warming the middle-jiao, dispersing cold, strengthening
the spleen and arresting diarrhea, such as Dajianzhong Decoction.
2. To treat abdominal pain due to roundworm, vomiting or vomiting with roundworm, the herb is often used
in combination with black plum, coptis root, asarum herb and other herbs for expelling roundworm and relieving
colic caused by the worm, such as Wumei Pill.In addition, the herb can also be used to treat diarrhea due to
cold and dampness, itching due to eczema, women's pruritus valvae and other syndromes

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