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Adonis Gol Darou Co
Adonis gol Darou group: In 2003 Adonis Gol Darou group was established. The group initially began as a manufacturer and packaging. After three years, the number of factories increased to three factories. This group  products is over, 20,000 tons of rose water, 20,000 tons of herbal distil ...
Cinnamon Oil, Production of Cinnamon Oil,Application of Cinnamon Oil,Benefits of Cinnamon Oil,Buy Ci
Cinnamon Oil Product Detail Place of Origin: IRAN Brand Name: Adonis Aroma Model Number: MKE/Cinnamon oil Supply Type: OBM(Original Brand Manufacturer) Type: Pure Essential Oil Certification: MSDS Ingredient:Cinnamon Raw Material: Bark Color:Golden yellow Redish Grade: T ...
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Flavor for dairy Almond Flavor for dairy products Amaretto flavor for dairy products Apple flavor for dairy products Avocado flavors for dairy products Banana flavor for dairy products Blackberry flavor for dairy products Blakcherry flavor for dairy products Bubblegum flavors ...
Cinnamon extract, Production of Cinnamon Extract,Application of Cinnamon extract,Benefits of Cinnamo
Cinnamon Extract     Cinnamon Extract description What is the Cinnamon Extract? A water-soluble, cinnamon extract has been shown to reduce fasting blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, according  to a new study from the University of Hannover in Hannover, ...
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