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Essential Oilsl, Production of Essential Oils,Application of Essential Oils,Benefits of Essential Oi
 Natural Essential oil Almond Oil ََApple Oil Artemisia Oil Asafoetida Oil Avocado Oil Angelica Oil Basil Oil Banana Oil Bay Laurel Oil Bergamot Oil Black Pepper Oil Bitter Almond Oil Bitter Orange Oil Cardamon Oil Carrot oil Calandola Oil Chamomil Oil(Fl ...
Microbial Laboratory
Microbial lab: Detection and cultivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts determine the type and extent allowed by aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in water, raw materials and food products are the main activities of the microbiology department microbial Control product of manufac ...
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Adonis Gol Darou Co
Adonis gol Darou group: In 2003 Adonis Gol Darou group was established. The group initially began as a manufacturer and packaging. After three years, the number of factories increased to three factories. This group  products is over, 20,000 tons of rose water, 20,000 tons of herbal distil ...
clasic ,lab ,analysis ,essential oil ,extract ,flavor ,labratory ,essential ,oil ,chemical analysis
Classic lab: preparation extraction with percolation and maceration method (for laboratory, pilot and industrial) preparation essential oils with Clevenger apparatus and different methods (for laboratory, pilot and industrial) macro wave extraction set for preparation extract and essentia ...
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Instrumental Analysis Lab: Equipped with advanced chromatography and spectroscopic device that has the ability to perform the following activities and services: Perform articles ,research projects ,theses of medicinal chemistry and Phytochemistry and Agriculture launch labs develop methods ...
Activity Group ,formulation ,gc ,mass ,gcmass ,Analysis ,extract ,essential oil ,hplc ,medicinal pla
Head of  Activity Group  Isolation, purification, identification and quantification derivatives compounds (volatile and non-volatile compounds) and study on biological effects  Formulation and standardization of herbal extracts and herbal Products  study on optimizat ...
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Company Name: Adonis Gol Darou Type of company: Private .Co Kind of Activity: Manufacturer and Treading. Main Field of Activity: rose water and herbal distillates , concentrated herbal distillates  in sachet packaging , essential oils , herbal flavors , extracts , herbal medi ...
Cumin Oil, Production of Cumin Oil,Application of Cumin Oil,Benefits of Cumin Oil,Buy Cumin Oil,Impo
Cumin Essential Oil Specifications Natural Cumin Seed Essential Oil Product :  Cumin Seed Essential Oil Appearance : Fluid liquid Colour  : Pale Yellow to Brownish liquid displaying a Oder:The odour is extremely Powerful, Diffusive Green Spicy slightly Fatty, Soft & Mel ...
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